Let’s Create Web Copy That Puts Money In The Bank  

I love writing.

I love helping women make more money doing something they love.

Let me put my passions to work for you and your business!

There are 5 ways we can work together to further monetize your passion:

Option #1 Blog Content Services

You need content that will transform your blog into a solid marketing tool. This package includes a monthly content strategy call, 4 high-quality blog posts per month, and a social media swipe file so that you have the right words to drive traffic to your blog.

Investment starts at  $300

Book a discovery call to get fantastic blog content.



Option #2: Website Copywriting Services

You need each page of your website to attract, engage, and convert your ideal audience.  This package includes a 30-minute strategy call, a brand new about page,  a converting home page, a short bio, and a 1-sentence elevator speech so that people know what you offer – whether they meet you online or in real life.

Investment starts at $925 

Book a discovery call to craft killer copy. 



Option #3: Lead Magnet Package

You know that “the money is in the list”, so you need to focus on building your mailing list. This package includes a 30-minute strategy call, co-creation of your lead magnet , landing page copy, thank you page copy, and Facebook ad copy.

Investment starts at $625 

Book a discovery call to nurture your audience. 




Option #4: Biz Launch Services

You need to get your offering in front of the right people and lead them to the sale. This package includes the lead magnet package, short or long-form ad copy, a launch email sequence, and an onboarding email sequence. Add-ons include: a webinar script, webinar registration page copy, and a video sales letter script.

Investment starts at $2100

Book a discovery call to launch your biz!



Option #5: A La Carte Services

Don’t see the specific combination of services that you need? Don’t worry! I can put together a custom package for you. Whether you need ad copy, a webinar script,  a sales page, or an email sequence (or more), I will try my best to accommodate you.

Investment starts at $100

Book a discovery call to get your quote.



Ready to Earn More Money with your copy?

Head over to my online scheduler to book a discovery call. Please be as detailed as possible when telling me about your business and content goals. It helps me to prepare before our call so that we can make the most of the 30 minutes that we will be chatting. After our call, I will follow up with a quote,  a questionnaire, and a proposal for your project. Once you accept the proposal and pay the invoice, I will secure you a spot in my client schedule.

You will receive the first draft on the agreed-upon date so that you can provide me with feedback. I offer a 10-day window for edits.

Once your copy is live, please do let me know.  I am committed to my clients’ success and am always happy to share their offerings with my network.

Ready to get started?

Wait…Have We Been Properly Introduced?

Hello! My name is Tiffany Hathorn.

I’m a self-proclaimed word nerd. (Actually, I’m just an overall nerd.)

I love words – reading them and writing them. I also love helping other women (especially moms) make a living doing what they love.


Because I know how horrible it feels to make too little money doing something that brings you zero joy. It’s like adding insult to injury!

I believe we all deserve to make a living doing something we love. If you feel that entrepreneurship is the path to get there, I’m rooting for you!

In fact, I want to help you.

I know that even when you are working in your zone of genius (i.e. doing that thing that you do better than most other people), there are other aspects of running a successful business that may be outside of your expertise. (Or you just may not enjoy it.) That’s totally normal! Whenever you are doing that task, you wish like hell that you didn’t have to do it. That somehow your business would thrive without it.

But, you know that is not the case. That task must still be taken care of.

For some, that joy-sucking task is web design. (Yoooo….I am NOT a web designer. I may or may not have pulled out several strands of hair while putting this page together.)

For some it is content creation.

For others, it is selling your stuff without feeling all gross and sleazy (Ew.).

The beautiful thing is that even if you are a solopreneur, you don’t actually have to do everything solo. There is nothing wrong with collaborating with other solopreneurs to get stuff done faster and more effectively. With the wonder of the internet, you can hire other people to do the things THEY love to do so that you can spend more time doing what YOU love to do.

It just so happens that writing is my shiz and I’m really good at selling other people’s stuff.  So if you struggle with finding the right words,  I am on the case! Your very own Word Patrol.

Let me create content you will love and wish you had written. In fact, I’m so good at what I do, you will FEEL like you wrote it. At least that’s what my clients have told me. (Woot woot!)

Seriously…I take pride in my work and want to help YOU feel true joy in running your business. So any way I can help, just let me know.

Enough words. It’s time for action! Not sure of everything you need, but know you need to talk to me? Book a discovery call and we’ll figure it out together.